Brian “Bing” O’Leary

Brian “Bing” O’Leary

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how it works 
no ones saying
why it works
is rather simple
it keeps us together
like it or not
circling recycling
a central core
in motion
embued with notions
attracting rejecting
all by will and choice
perpetual motion
through every ones devotion
souls gravitate bi- polar 
the breath by will
sometimes by anothers
or some from the sea of others
standing still amid the swirl
© Gravitation 9/30/2012. Brian M O’Leary (Bing)
Who knew


when not was known
and no thing is
that from this void
we would spring
all different
seed breath image
mixing mutating
kind begeting kind
changing becoming
yet retaining 
identity of self
latent ignorant potential
from manifestation
till now
who knew
was it you


© Who knew, 12/02/2012. Brian M O’leary (Bing) (RSOA).All rights reserved. RSOA
On the edge of death
oblivion sits waiting
a consumer it would seem
of all that is known
who what when where which how why
that is the gift
all given for passage
at the end near death not quite
I wonder will I fret for the past
or be overwhelmed with curiosity
for the unknown journey ahead
how I hope for joy next time around
great wealth would not hurt
good looks would work
wisdom now this would be welcome
but conscious awareness would be best
knowing what is coming
yet escaping in advance
having or not having
what ever one desires
giving as freely as one takes
from oblivion before as after
ones life of instinct emotion and ideas


© 06/09/2012, Brian M O’Leary. All rights reserved.
Road Scribe of America
End of all
prepare if you can
for mystery comes
without supposing
ever it seems never
what was will not
looking it fades
© End of all. 1/11/15. Bing. All rights reserved.
Road Scribe of America
The Path
waking sleeping dreaming
moving wandering wondering
on wheels on water through woods
each to their own way
we store our experience 
carrying it forward in hope
till time itself does cease to be
filled with good and evil intent
we move to the noise around
till death calls and we are lost to the moment
we fill our soul with hope
never knowing when our end will be
alone are we as always 
motion and movement
the length of our time
the eye can not see
till death calls and the path does end


© 2012 Brian M O’Leary. All rights 
these are not owed
respect duty honor 
loyalty responsibility 
all gifts
to be given or kept
they can be attained
from others by dilligence
if not freely given
if not shown at all
move on keep yours 
for yourself
if you loose these 
for yourself
enter the euthenasia booth
avoid the degration to come
for you will walk through 
the valley of the shadow of death
alone if not already there


© Doom 11/2/12. Brian M O’Leary (Bing) (RSOA). All rights reserved.
A friend
it was done
without hesitation
unquestioned understood
a burden shifted
stress relieved
as kindness is
a great light
in a dark tunnel
of this imprisoned man
may God love you as me
may the wind rise up to greet you
and stlll your troubles this day.


(C) 3/19/2014 / B.M.O.  Bing
Road Scribe of America
My status
standing inside
overhead are they
beneath the stars
many can be seen
from under the ceiling
cast forth your eye
look to the wonder
and see and see 
for it is wondrous to behold
the stars and their glory
the vision to see
and seen it is
for all who look
simply breathtaking 
is the sky so beautiful
© My status, 7/22/14. BMO Bing. (RSOA). All rights reserved.
The price of fear
what ordeal lurks
around the bend
hidden from view
behind the mask
of righteousness
or offense
lights flash
sirens blare
guns drawn
you are there
at the mercy
of those
prejudiced toward
the free wheeling kind
those able to stand
alone or grouped
against injustice
feared by the oppressors
praised by the bound
who are alive
before and after
their surrender
© The price of fear, 6/13/2014. Brian M O’Leary ( Bing ). (RSOA) All rights  reserved.
The power of polity
the tree of life
being brought to
the brightness of day
disturbs those
usurpers who hide 
within darkness
behind what the law
the great equalizer
by force makes good
right or wrong
the self
opposed Ignored 
by authority by force
called good
and underlings
the police state
the mask of deception
the father of corruption
the knowledgeable
manipulation of 
good and evil
© The power of polity, 6/4/2014. Brian M (Bing) O’Leary. RSOA. All rights reserved.
it was witnessed
by a liar
who told the truth
as he saw fit
many were fooled
by the glitter
he spun
they had their truth
no need to know
a coward said so
a bold con 
malevolence at work
or is it a disease
some mental illness
the label the proof
the word describes
© Proof, 6/1/14. Brian M (Bing) O’Leary (RSOA). All rights reserved.
Marked by sin
deeds done 
gone by
little can change
minds dilemma
spinning new as if
attempted escape
of yesterday 
caught in a thought
the blessing
long sought
happiness for
happiness lost
in deeds done
all forgiven now
let go O let go
for happiness found
if only within


© Marked, 5/22/2014. Brian M (Bing) O’Leary. (RSOA). All rights reserved.
Morning Mists
familiar faces 
 of strangers too
 machines of love
 metal or flesh
a reminder perhaps
 of miles to come
 or miles gone by
 roads driven
 hardness experienced
 and some to give
memories of lives forgotten
 like wind and summer breeze 
 how quick to pass 
 from life to life
marvel at success
 for failure lurks
 in distant cloud yet hidden
 In tomorrows dew
the greatness to come
 with feeling
 when motion spurs
 and love compels
mindful of mists
 And things to do
© Morning Mists. 4/4/14. Brian M (Bing) O’Leary. All rights reserved.
Road Scribes Of America ™ 2012
I heard the call
deep within
get up man
time to move
leave it all
heed this call
fret not 
about the Morrow
you can’t wait
kick that starter
roll on out
ride the wind
follow the coast
stop awhile
with the merry men
join the roast
have a toast
and when you arrive
doors will open
O yes
doors will open
© Southbound, 11/22/13. BMO, Bing 
Yesterdays wife
an old fear rose within
one of failure wrong choice
love gone astray
gone now all hope
herein grows the strength
of which understanding
mends the wound
forgiving my folly
forgiving my foe
her deception
her loss 
time shall speak to her
of what I know
in grasping she shall weep
my love tho foolish
was honorable
while she was not
© 9/29/2013. Yesterdays wife. BMO (Bing). All rights reserved
Road Scribe of America.
eat a little
waste a little
share some 
or not
first we must kill
honed to kitchen
prepared for you
inborn soul of man
genesis and breath
seeded the self
seeded the kind
who what when where
which how and why
that we are no accident


© 8/14/13 You. BMO Bing. All rights reserved.
Road Scribe of America ™



we wander directionless
the unknown the invisible
the unheard the unspoken
the unseen
swimming in a sea of odorous gas
at a distance at a distance
we feel the feeling at hand
free will choice free will choice
possibility potential ignorant latent
we spin like a top from feelings within
whirling it seems non stop
chatter about anxiety on top
quiet this noise silence is how
hard found hard found hard found
for sensation the greedy swarm
disappointment disappointment
all in shame all to shame all to blame

Brian M O’Leary © RSOA ™ 2012




he took a different way that day
leaving the way of the pack
but never the code accepted
with a need of change on mind
he left behind behind moving along
what wind would blow this his path
some winds descend to gratify
some to calamity
all subject to change
mindful of memories gone by
two wheeling along his path
to those changes yet to come
some as wild as the wind
those more gentle as a breeze
fulfilling his personal code
this was his goal
to have it his own way
but always
or the highway
the way of the wind

© 11/8/12 Brian M O’Leary (Bing)
Road Scribes Of America ™



The Hill

much chatter about
the mountain top
the twisting and turning road
moisture in the air
morning chills
off in a roar
we began the climb
each to their own thoughts
the thrill within
views and danger all around
drop offs at the edge
roads slick from morning dew
and yesterdays oil drip
as we climb
we leave the underworld behind
forgetting its hold on body and soul
we reach for the freedom of old
before the whim of travel was sold
ignoring the reality that awaits
upon our return from the high

Brian M O’Leary ( Bing) (c) September 2012
Road Scribe of America. All rights reserved.
“without prejudice” U.C.C. 1 § 207,



The tumble

i woke to the fierceness of pain
i had made a mistake
comfortable in my ways
i could not foresee
the unknown unfold
as the unexpected
such natural or not
intellect and grace
will keep you alive
nothing before
in the clearness of the moment
all choices may be made
let go of your joy
and be sure to roll

© Brian M O’Leary (Bing)
1/16/13 RSOA™



many are sewn 
diverse also
take root
sprout and bloom
destined to feed
to feed and feed
to feel be felt
some rise
some never do
choice bears fruit
the time it takes
no rhyme nor reason
some become bikers
and ride the wind
moving on occasion
over untrod paths
seeking it seems
the untold story 
that brews within 
the hope for life
on another day
and home by another way


© SEEDS 11/10/2013. BMO’,  Bing. All rights reserved.
if i am not one
then i am all
if i am in error
so be it
but you will not tell me so
because my mistake is you
just a part of all
do not make me wrong
because you disagree
if i am wrong i will see
with all its attendent pain
i am not you i refuse to be
so you be one be all 
find your own error
leave mine alone
a teacher for me
i am not the greatest
but i know none better
in spite of all


© Real, 9/15/2013. BMO Bing. All rights reserved.


does anyone understand
huh do you
why it is beauty can’t
see nor feel itself
the polarity of soul
but you can as do i
ignorance is bred 
sensuality is the way
offensive yes at times
arrogant by degrees
cowardly all some more
some less of all a few
this here is a gift
biological living logic
and all the illogic too


© Question 9/3/13. BMO, Bing. All rights reserved.
drained of fulfillment 
only skill for desire
an hours labor more
brings delay
emptiness is full
yet not right
gotta go gotta go
who saps my motion
who’s in my way
how deep the ire
i must rebel
and change my way
attack attack attack
now i am back
not desperate


© 8/9/13 Desperation. Brian M O’Leary (Bing). All rights reserved.
Worn out detached
Worried  to the bone
Panic in duplicate
Paranoia compleat
Been beaten by they
Who claim to protect
Who do they serve
What hidden claim
Do they proclaim
Which justifies their pain
False superiority
Usurped unfounded
I will stand again
If only to die  
For I will never surrender
For me alone I shall stand
To force the cowardly bully
To expose his master
So I may strike the kill
And be done with it
For what ends begins


© Vengence 6/22/13. BING O’Leary. All rights reserved.
A loss
how deep the logic goes
to touch the the bodies soul
to learn to tame its volatility
to understand and to use it 
through it to understand all
never lose sight of the souls  emotions
because they coop the way of the body
as it holds to its human nature some
predetermined preprogramed preordained
the breath logical to its intellectual ability
must number itself as one 
or loose the soul which holds it
never to play again


© A loss 2/13/2013 Brian M O’Leary ( Bing ). All rights reserved.
The cycle of life
we shall never again walk the path of yesterday
and tomorrow has not been guaranteed
even for the soul and its fruition
i’ve got to go i’ve got to go
for time stands still for no one
especially as now the fleeting present
which is driven by the wind of the morrow
from the imagination it does spring
on the wiles of dreams some true
condemnation inspiration intuition
all mixed in metapore like If
our hope our life is fixed
we are as defined by the gift
given before birth realized  in life
refined and retooled after death
we walk again a new path untrod
like rooted plants we grow and flower 
intuitive condemning inspiring 
with what we know
recycling the cycle circle of time


© 2012, Brian M O’Leary. All rights reserved.
The mirror
i marveled at the  reflection 
i wallowed in the depth
the revelation was insane
it was not me whom i saw
but another looking like me
one of limited intellect
one of lack
one of total follishness
it was a man incomplete
filled with every pain ever felt
every woman ever known
one without true friend
O how sorry i felt
to realize i did not know myself 
and in truth i was the only one
who knew anything at all
deeper did i decend
into self pity and sorrow
i could not grasp my self deception
i could not raise myself up
i was as if dead while alive
how cruel my maker 
how awful my mind
i smashed the mirror and returned
i was me again no reflection
and i knew i was whole
i was again complete
no distortion not a fake
again i liked myself


© 2012 Brian M O’Leary. All rights reserved.
let every one know
the lie thats true
we do as we do 
because we do
as if driven by 
unseen forces
stimulus responce
whos origin is within
and outside realized 
as time after time
electrical emotional
magnetic kinetic
blind and deaf
with olfactory and sense
seed soul and breath
these do also repel 
all future present past
I am the first I am the last
there will never be another like me
awake now hear and see
time to cull the harvest is ripe
ignorance rules arrogance postures
enforcement is clustered
all kinds are mustered
ignorant fucking assholes
arrogant cowardly slime
sit back now and see
mayhem on radio and tv
O for sure   Is real Is real Is real
© 2012, Brian M O’Leary, All rights reserved.