Dorothy Denise Migneault

Road Scribes Of America ™ Honorary Member For Lifetime Achievement

Dorothy Denise Migneault

AkA  AngelWolf

Inducted on July 27th 2017


In 1974 Dorothy-Denise Migneault (beloved daughter of our  Founder MarySusan and her belated father: Dennis R. Migneault of Nashua, NH; sister to Joe and Drew; Aunt to Michael, Shane, Nico, Rocco, and Boston and great Aunt to Cyrus) made her arrival known. A nurse once said.. “What Miss Dorothy wants Miss Dorothy will get or we will all hear about it!” 

Born with a great deal of her spinal chord herniated and exposed through an opening in her spinal column causing her great bodily dysfunction and cognitive damage from secondary hydrocephalus, Dee has spent her life making comebacks.  She has never been cleared from medical supervision and is truly on a day to day journey.  Her medical conditions have been staggering and set backs from brain infections, brain pressure, spinal chord damage, body shutdowns, toxic conditions, orthopedic surgeries to allow her some early ambulation (until age 16 when she became totally dependent on a power chair). Almost every holiday of her life she spent celebrating from one hospital bed or the other.  
When Dee was a student at the Massachusetts Hospital School in Canton, MA, she met her best friend and husband to be – Chris “Knucklehead” Webb (Road Scribe of America) who passed away in 2015.  She graduated high school at the Cotting School for the Handicapped in Lexington, MA.  It was at the Cotting school that Dee met Bill DeAngelis in the Printing Department.  Under Bill’s charge Dee printed out her first poetry book.  
Although she has had to fight her way through seizures and a stroke Dee has once again found her vocabulary and connected with her muse.  She is presently writing both poetry and prose.  
We are honored to bestow upon Dee a Lifetime Achievement Award and an Honorary Lifetime Membership as a Road Scribe of America (TM) 2012. Please help us welcome Dee into our fellowship as an outstanding and powerful warrior who has met all life challenges with courage and tenacity.  We are sure you will enjoy the written word art of Dorothy-Denise.  We are also sure that Chris would be well pleased that we have given this award to his soulmate.  




A Different Perspective

The summer breeze goes through the air like a hurricane ripping through a single city.
I wonder what it would be like to have you back for just one more day.
Suddenly I realize that the memories of you haven’t left my mind for one minute.
The tears and the laughter we shared linger in my mind like the tides of the ocean come into shore and go back out to sea.
I try to forget what the touch of your hand feels like on my face. I try to forget what the sound of your voice sounds like.
Everything about you is embedded in my soul.
How will I ever forget? Do I even want to forget?
The time passes by like waiting for a tea kettle to whistle.
I have come to accept that things will never be the same as they once were.

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~   RSOA ™

A New Journey

As I glanced over across the crowded room I saw you standing there ..
As the door opened the smile a cross your face lit up my heart ..
As we stood staring into each other eyes memories filled my mind ..
As the traffic consumed the city street we waited for someone to let us by ..
As we crossed the street the adrenaline rushed through our bodies ..
As we walk along the fence to the park we admire the activity it holds ..
As we came to a picnic table engaging in conversation between 2 lost souls ..
As words were exchanged memories of a life once lived flooded our minds ..
As the decision was made that we were to remain just friends ..
As for how the time has passed by so quickly, I don’t know ..
As we sat side by side I knew we were starting a new chapter in our lives ..
As we left that place, a place we once called “our place” I knew nothing would be as it once was ..
As he turned and rode off down the street I then realized he was starting the next chapter of his journey ..
As seconds fade into minutes ..
As minutes fade into hours ..
As hours fade into days ..
As days fade into weeks ..
As weeks fade into months ..
As months fade into years ..
I will cherish the memories we already made but I will be forever grateful for the chance to make new memories ..

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
 ~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™

This poem is dedicated to all those who are struggling with hidden demons, loss of hope, darkness within the soul…

A Reason For Another Day

Another day has been given to feel the touch of your skin.
Another day has been given to see the sun rise and the sun set.
Another day has been given to hear the sound of your voice.
Another day has been given to see the flowers blooming.
Another day has been given to smell the scent of your embrace.
Another day has been given to hold on to what is in our hearts.
That is why each day we must live to make ourselves happy not wait for others to make us happy.
That is why each day we must live a positive life so that negative destructive people can’t invade our growth.
That is why we must not give up hope that there is always something worth fighting for no matter how hard the road gets…NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™

A Whisper In The Wind

Like a whisper in the wind that carries through the ears of many…your spirit will flow through each and every one of us for all eternity..
Like a whisper in the wind that flows through the earths atmosphere every single day..your spirit will embraces the souls left behind for all eternity..
Like the whispers in the wind are as true as the people who surrounded you here on were a true and honest human being to all that knew you and who had great respect for you..and will have for all eternity..
Like a whisper in the wind those of little feet will grow up knowing in memory of a man who had great worth to his country as will he through all eternity..
Like a whisper in the wind you will be remembered for the acceptance you gave to all that crossed your path..and who will remember your smile for all eternity..
Like the whispers in the wind..there are signs that you will give and we will receive that you are still with us but now you will live on in our hearts for all eternity..
Rest peacefully my friend knowing all who loved you and knew you miss you dearly and will for all eternity..
Rest in peace my dear friend

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
 ~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™ January 26 2016

Crashing Of The Waves

The thoughts that cross my mind
I don’t know how to explain
what I’m thinking
Oh yeah yeah…
Oh how I need to understand the crashing of the waves
Oh yeah yeah
The emotions in my heart
I don’t know how to explain
what I’m feeling
Oh yeah yeah
Oh how I need to understand the crashing of the waves
Oh yeah yeah
The visions in my eyes
I don’t know how to explain
what I’m seeing
Oh yeah yeah
Oh how I need to understand the crashing of the waves
Oh yeah yeah
The voices I hear in my head
I don’t know how to explain
what I’m hearing..
Oh yeah yeah
Oh how I need to understand the crashing of the waves..
Oh yeah yeah
The touch of skin against mine
I don’t know how to explain
what I’m feeling
Oh yeah yeah
Oh how I need to understand the crashing of the waves
Oh yeah yeah
What am I supposed to think?
Oh yea yeah
How am I supposed to Understand …understand
The crashing of the waves..
How am I supposed to feel?
The crashing of the waves..
Who am I supposed to see?
The crashing of the waves..
What am I supposed to hear?
The crashing of the waves..
What I long to feel..oh yeah yeah
What I long to see..oh yeah yeah
What I long hear..oh yeah yeah

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
 ~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™

Cuts Like A Knife

The words that you spoke of me were like a knife cutting right through my heart hurting me just as deeply..
The tears that fell from my eyes to my cheek eventually tracing the sides of my neck..were like a faucet turned up high ..
The hole you left in the pit of my stomach as you walked out the door was like a car that ran over a defenseless animal..
The aftermath of what you did still lingers through my mind and all through my soul..
Is this our end or is this my beginning?

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
 ~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™


As the waves of so much grief washes through my body..the exhaustion that I feel is almost to much to bare..
My mind is full of memories of you and I trenching through life trying to find our way..
Suddenly I am blinded by the darkness of the scares you left behind..
Words seem meaningless for all that is unsaid or that needs to be said..
Your strength, your courage, your wisdom, your spirit, your bravery, your support, are all of which are a part of my soul. You gave me so much but only expected my understanding in return of what you needed to do for you..
How I can be mad as hell at you for leaving me behind to deal with this cruel place we call America…for America is not what this place is no more..
Yes I know all your faults and shortcomings and I still respect you for the person you are today..who ever that may be..
Human we are in deed..
For the journeys we must travel in life to find out our worth it is you that is the reason I can hold my head up high and be proud of who I am..
However, without you here no one can ever replace the hole I carry within my heart that was created the day you left my side..
You were the only one who proved to me that no obstacle was too big to find my way around..
I will never find another you within this lifetime..
And no highway was too long to travel the distance to see the one who gave me light to find my way..
The tears you hold back are the tears I shed for your pain..
The knowledge I learned from you is the knowledge I pass down to the next generation..
The memories are not what hurt us but what remind us of the bond we share between us..
The hope & faith of what happens next is only a dream until we meet again..
I will look for you in everything that I do..
I will look for you in everything that I see..
I will look for you in everything that I hear..
I will look for you in everything that I feel..
I will savoir the oxygen that I breath as I take in each deep breath of fresh air..
I will not give up looking for you in life and nature..
That is my promise to you..

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
 ~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™

Her and Me

That Girl…
Warm and Fuzzy
This Girl…
Broken and Bitter
That Girl…
Loving and Kind
This Girl…
Judged and Misunderstood
That Girl…
Gentle and Funny
This Girl…
Numb and Lost
That Girl…
An Unsolved Mystery
This Girl…
Out to find the other part of me

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
 ~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™

If You Told Me

If you told me there would come a day that I would be looking into your eyes again…
I never would have believed it in a million years…
If you told me there would come a day that I would hear your voice again…
I never would have believed it in a million years…
If you told me there would come a day that I would feel your hand in mine again…
I never would have believed it in a million years…
Yet here you are standing before me.
In my dreams I carry you with me.
In my thoughts I carry you with me.
In my mind are memories of a life once lived.
How can you be so close yet so far away?
Is this real?
Or is this just my imagination?
So close yet so far away…

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
 ~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™

Ignorance Is Blind

Ignorance is like dead flowers.
Ignorance is like rotten apples.
Ignorance is like bad dreams.
Ignorance is like bee stings.
Ignorance is like bad music.
So you see without ignorance all you have is
A garden full of pretty flowers.
A sweet caramel candy apple.
A dream full of happiness.
A cup full of honey.
A love song to fill the heart.
Wouldn’t it be nice if people gave more flowers to someone rather then give them ignorance?
Wouldn’t it be nice if people gave more candy apples to children rather then teach them ignorance?
Wouldn’t it be nice if people gave more dream catchers rather then letting someone hold onto bad dreams?
Wouldn’t it be nice if people ate more honey rather then sour pickles?
Wouldn’t it be nice if people wrote love songs to express themselves rather then say mean hateful insults?
Ignorance is a powerful expression towards others that could turn someone away from you in a flash.
Think twice before you decide how you are going to treat someone if that’s not the way you expect to be treated in return.

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~   RSOA ™

Memories Never Forgotten

Unexplainable feelings that race through my soul deep into my veins.
Broken dreams
Broken promises
Broken hearts
Never forgotten memories of the one you once loved so deeply.
But if you must go my true love you are free now..let your wings carry you far beyond the horizon until we meet again.

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
 ~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™


My Destiny

As she walks along the cemented path lit up by the city lights, she wonders about the one true love who she has only known by words of the imagination.
Her long auburn colored hair blowing in the cool summer breeze with little white flower pedals that have fallen from the trees above. Her body is covered in a soft purple sparkled gown that falls to her ankles and her feet covered in white shiny sandals.
As she patiently awaits deep within her thoughts she imagines the one who will finally captured her heart.
The one who will be forever embedded into her soul for all eternity.
The one she knows she has dreamed about all her life.
The one she knows who will be her forever destiny.
The one who she knows she can not live without.
As she glances over her shoulder in the shadows of the night she notices a tall slender shaped figure. His long black hair pulled loosely back into a ponytail, he is dressed in a deep blue button down shirt with a pair of black silky pants and silvery shiny sandals on his feet. He is also wearing a shiny crystal necklace.
Is it him? Can it be? She wonders.
Can it be the one who’s words are so genuine, so caring, so passionate?? The one who’s words that have captured her attention.
As he approaches her, she realizes that it is he who she has longed for. As he nears her side he places his soft gentle hand upon her forehead slowly pulling away the hair that droops down over face to look into her soft hazel eyes. He then places his other hand gently around her waist while looking into her eyes and admiring the beauty of her soul.
As she firmly wraps her arms around his waist the heat of their bodies rubbing against one another intensify. When she finally looks into his soft brown colored eyes she knows this is he who she has longed for. He pulls her body in closer to his, hardly resisting the urge to kiss her tender lips ever so gently but he knows that the kiss is what would make everything so very complete. They soon embrace in a long pause with their bodies clutching together and locking like magnets as they glance at the sky witnessing the sight of all the shooting stars in the sky.
The happiness that fills their hearts when they are together is a feeling they both knew was undeniable. It is then that they realized that they were meant to be exactly where they were in that very moment. Even if the unthinkable should happen and they were physically separated by tragedy they know they will always have that one moment that they were as one.
The sound of his voice and the words in which he speaks of she will forever carry within her mind and in her heart for all eternity. For he is the one, the one that fills her heart with joy.
How can this feel so right yet be so wrong? How is it that I must be without you my love? How can we part? For now it should be our time to be together but it is not. For the love we share feels so right, yet it is not the time.
So you see my love, this is why my heart will ache for you until the day you are mine. There is no other who could love me as much as you do and who no one could love you as much as I do. For you are my destiny, no other soul is worthy enough to hold the key to my heart then you. So yes for you are not mine, and I am not yours but I know some day you will see that my heart belongs to you.
Until then my love, you will always be my destiny.

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
 ~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™

Over The Rainbow

Shattered memories of a life we once lived together.
Broken promises all filled with shame of our betrail to one another.
Words of a once faithful human being are now words of a human being that knows no truth.
Places of where we once stood side by side hand in hand eye to eye and talked about the dreams we once had for our life together that never came true.
Yet still holding on to what’s left..
Broken promises..deception of the soul the stare in the eyes with emptiness created by a heart that is broken beyond repair.
If only you were you and I was I.. And we were we..but we can not go back and undo what’s already been done.
So for now we must go our separate ways and build new lives in seperate parts of the world. Hoping that someday we will meet again in a new life, a new time, a new place.
For now I will not say goodbye because goodbye is forever..but I will say, see you again my love on the other side.. somewhere over the rainbow.

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
 ~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™

Another Year Gone By
A baby girl wrapped in a blanket. 
Her fingers and toes so very tiny.
Her eyes glow like the stars in the sky.
No one knows what tommorrow brings.
A proud little girl with pigtails walking down the driveway torward her every dream.
They said “she never will!”
She said “watch me!”
School books for every subject.
A prom dress like no other.
A shiny diamond ring.
A young woman looking for her destiny.
Knee high designer boots. 
Wrangler jeans with sparkled pockets.
Ambercrombie jersey.
Living in a world of different types of people she is compared to as just another label. 
Picture perfect moments are taken away by the wind of the oceans sea breeze.
How will she restore what she knows she can not live without? 
Will her ship arrive along the dockside so that she may take her journey through to the unknown…
© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™


Some people are like shadows
Some people are like the lightbulbs
Some people are like an extra set of feet
Some people are like an extra set of hands
But then some people are like dog collars they are so tightly tied to you that its impossible to breathe when they are near you & they suck the life right out of you …let them go…surround yourself with
People who lift you up
People who inspire you
People who support you
People who make you laugh
People who encourage you
People who motivate you
People who appreciate you
People who breath life into you
Get to know your people …

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWol~f  RSOA ™ 

Sunday February 19, 2017

Old Abandoned House

Feeling the cool breeze upon my face coming from the open window across the dark abandoned room I see only the shadows of glimmering lights through the shadows of the night.
As I walk further into the room I see the closet door slightly open as I look into the doorway of the closet I see pieces of skeleton bones laying before my feet.
“Who may these belong to?” I wonder to myself!
Suddenly I hear voices coming from the I walk slowely torwards the door to exit the room to further investigate the voices in the hallway I can not see or hear anyone.. anywhere but now realize the voices are coming from down the hallway from another room in the old abandoned house.
As I walk down the hallway to the other parts of the house to see if I can find anything that would explain the voices..suddenly the voices disappear but the lights in the hallway flicker almost like they are trying to turn on but I look to the light switch on the wall and it is in the down position.
The only light shining through to the hallway is coming from a street light lamp through an open window of the open bedroom door.
As I continue to walk down the hallway I come to the end of it to the other side of the house. As I look for clues of who might live or have lived in the old abandoned house before I come to an empty rocking chair swading back and forth but no wind is coming from any direction.
As I enter the front foyer to the old abandoned house suddenly the doorbell rings twice. When I put my hand out from behind the door to open it I barely reach my hand to the door knob before the door slowely opens just enough for a voice to call out “Is anyone home?” I reply in a shaken broken up quiet voice “No not anyone home here.” The door slowely closes.
I then realize that once again I am left standing alone in the old abandoned house.

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™ 

Roads Of A Different Journey

It’s like seeing without eyes
It’s like talking without a voice
It’s like listening without ears
It’s like feeling without hands
It’s like walking without feet
It’s like smelling without a nose
I am lost between two worlds and I don’t know which way to go..Can someone please tell me
I see the roads I have traveled in my lifetime up until now..
I see the road I want to travel that will lead me to my future..
I also see the road I should travel to get to where I am going to where ever that may be
I look around and I notice that you are on a different path then me
Should I follow you?
Where am I supposed to go from here?
Where will I end up?
Should I leave this place?
You ask where it is I am going but I do not know..
All I know is that I’m searching for visions of a reality that has no logical explaination
If I go my way and you go your way…will I find you there?
So many questions..and nobody had any answers..

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™

..unanswered questions
..insecure feelings are what fills the heart
..shaded memories are pictures of a life once lived
..unfinished business are simply words unsaid
..blame is all that comes to mind
..anger is filling in the empty spaces
..emotions of the mind, body, and spiirit erupted
..consequences take precendence corrupted 
© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
 ~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™ 3.26.2013

Piece By Piece

When he looked into her eyes he knew no boundaries of where not to touch her with his hands on the outside of her body that stood so tall.. so well fit; like a beauty he had never in his whole life seen before.
Although, he knew that he had too much respect for her to give into his burning physical desires to touch every inch of her amazing body with his but he also knew in that split second that he laid eyes on her that there was no turning back!!
So he took his words and he placed them on her broken heart and he swore never to do wrong by her. To always do better then the last to protect her to the best of his ability. That he wanted to be the one to break down the walls that she had built around her heart so tightly that she could hardly breath fresh air into her lungs.
And although he would admit that he knew this was not going to be an easy task to accomplish but he was willing to try because he knew that he wanted to be the one to save her even if it was piece by piece he was going to help her in anyway he could for as long as it took took fix her broken heart.
As his eyes looked into her eyes she could feel the broken pieces of her heart being picked up piece by piece as he collected each piece and he then very gently and securely put her broken heart back together again.
Just then she began to feel her heart heal just as if the very tips of his fingers was reaching through her chest and placing them on her heart. He said “Now your heart is safe with me inside my heart never to be broken again!”
It was from that day forward that she knew he was going to be there to keep her safe from harm for as long as they both shall live.
And if one day they are parted by uncontrollable forces at least they know now that they have a piece of each others heart to carry with them wherever they go, no matter how far apart they are from each other.

May 1, 2016

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™ 

The Bermuda Triangle

Questions but no answers..
Information lost in time..
So many different directions..
I become weak in the knees when the silence hits my ears.
Hearts racing for sure like the indy 500 is in town
Feet with comfortable worn out socks to cover the blisters made by pacing back and forth..
Unhappy faces built from the deception of another human being..
Hearts broken not able to be repaired..
A soul covered by darkness..
The uncontrollable grief is too much to comprehend..
The sun is shining so bright but there is no light..
So many people that it could be
So many places there is to go
So many things there is to see
Go here…go there..
talk to this one..
don’t talk about that one..
go see that one..
How do I stop this overflow of emotion from dragging me down?
The killer of the relief from this misery is the silence in my words..
The deception of my most trusted ones is the downfall of my trust in others..

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
 ~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™ 

The Broken Heart

For the words I want to say are not enough to explain the emptiness that I feel within my broken heart
For tears I want to cry are not enough to rid me of the sadness that I carry within my broken heart
For smiles I pretend to wear are not enough to hide the amount of pain that I still bleeds within my broken heart
For the footsteps that I could travel are not far enough away to distance myself from the place that I no longer belong.. The place that my heart was broken
For what I should do next I will only know by never giving up trying to find the way out of my broken heart
For somewhere out there I know that I belong to someone’s heart.. And someone belongs to my heart

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™ 

Who are we really??

Vanilla vs chocolate?
Pieces vs chunks?
Fresh squeezed juice vs soda?
Pants vs shorts?
Heavy metal vs country?
Bare feet vs shoes?
Books vs movies?
Vegas vs desert?
Daytime vs nighttime?
Geometry vs history?
White vs black?
Actions vs words?
Rain vs sun?
Romantic vs casual?
Alone vs friends?
Serious vs joking?

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
 ~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™ 

Two Souls Lost In Time

As night ends and day begins my heart dangles out of my chest as it bleeds for you like a freshly open wound.
As my memory reminiscences of your funny stories that play over and over in my mind I lay awake at night with the feeling of a broken heart.
As my soul bleeds for your affection, tears role down my cheek like rain pouring down onto the ground.
As morning slowly appears I drag my tired body off the bed only to face another day without you by my side.
As I stumble trying to find the floor beneath my tired feet I soon discover I can not find the ground without you by my side.
As the day lingers on and on I wonder if I will ever hear your voice or see your smiling face again.
As night falls once again and stars appear in the sky I lay my tired soul down to sleep and hope for a new day to come.
As the sun rises and a new day begins where are you the other half of my heart and soul?
As you must realize by now that you are the light of my soul in which leads me to my safe place.
If I do not hope..
If I do not wish..
If I do not expect..
If I do not wonder..
If I do not think..
If I do not guess..
Then there is no expectations
But as to why it is you left so soon for it is something I will never figure out.

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
 ~AngelWolf~  RSOA ™ 


A Purpose For Living

When the glass to the window has been broken and the cold air sneaks in so many times for so long its hard to imagine what sitting by a warm fire place is like.
When the air to the room has been so little for far too long that you can hardly breath its hard to imagine what it will be like to step outside and breath in fresh air into your lungs.
When light to a room has been dimmed for far too long that you couldn’t see your own shadow its hard to imagine what the sunlight coming through a window would be like.
When the touch of a hand has not been felt in your hand for so long its hard to imagine what the feel of another ones embrace would be like.
When the flowers in the garden have not bloomed for a long time its hard to imagine what a garden full of beautiful colorful wild flowers would look like.
If one never dares to experience life and take adventures of the unknown and be grateful for the small things so that when the bigger things come into your life you can appreciate them all the more.

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault

~AngelWolf~ RSOA ™  July 18, 2016

The Daggers Of My Broken Heart

Is like glass being shattered against a stone wall
Is like a tiddlewave crashing against the beach rocks
Is like a fast moving train wreck of a 10 car pile up
Is like long pointy fingernails moving across a blackboard
Is like tears that flow like a non stop waterfall
Is like my heart being ripped out of my chest with a spoon

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~ RSOA ™

This poem is dedicated to my dearest friend Cadell.

The Stairway To My Heart

Each day since you came into my life you have climbed each step and always brought me hope of a new beginning to my life.
Each day since you came into my life you have climbed each step and you have given me the courage and a reason to fight for another day.
Each day since you came into my life you have climbed each step and you have always taken the time to get to know me without judgement of how different we are.
Each day since you came into my life you have climbed each step and you have always brought happiness into my life that I will cherish always.
Each day since you came into my life you have climbed each step and you have always given me honesty even when it was hard for me to hear it.
Each day since you came into my life you have climbed each step and you have never once turned your back on me no matter what.
So now that you are here at the top of the stairway and you have reached the gate to my heart I willingly give you the key to enter into my heart where I will now hold you safe from harm as you have done for me since the very day we met.

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~ RSOA ™  Sunday January 31, 2015


A Silent Kind Of Love

One day while walking through the forest mid fall I met a tall man with long wavy brown hair blue eyes skin that glowed like the moon he was wearing a long sparkly dark purple cape black pants a white button down shirt he had a long golden sword in the strap around his thin waiste and long silvery boots on his feet that went to his knees. When he spoke his voice was deep and of another made me giggle. As I looked over him I noticed that he had leaves stuck in his hair from the tree above.. When I tried to reach out my hand to brush them off he quickly backed away and tripped over the big tree stump and stumble to the ground. As I stood there I couldnt help but giggle at his clumsyness.. it was as if he was a school boy under some sort of spell over a girl classmate that he had a crush on.. I think in America they call it puppy love.
When he finally made it to his feet he stood staring at me as if he had never seen a human before in his life. He made all these hand gestures trying to tell me something that I just couldn’t quite get. Suddenly after a few minutes he grabbed my hand and placed it on his heart and then he took his hand and gently placed it upon my heart. Soon I began to realize what it was he was trying to say… and I giggled again which then made him throw up his hands and shoe me away with arms.
I backed away with a stun in my eyes and maybe even a little tear. When he realized something was wrong he took his hand and placed it on my heart and I smiled..he then took his hand and pushed my hair out of my face and leaned in to kiss me when it slightly started to rain which obviously broke the moment..a moment that I wished had lasted longer..
Now as we both pretty much accepted that we may not be able to speak to each other in words but we had all we needed..we had our own language.
As the rain continued to fall we both giggled and he took my hand and we ran through the open field twirling .. twisting .. skipping ..laughing through the rain.
Finally the rain stopped and we both looked up in the sky and saw the biggest brightest rainbow that went across the entire was beautiful.
We knew then that we were right where we were supposed to be.

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~ RSOA ™ Saturday December 3, 2016

In A Moment There You Were

Its as though I have known you all my life but I didn’t even know it.
You are the sunlight that fills all of my darkest days with light.
You are the sweet music to all of my negative self judgement thoughts.
I never even had to try very hard to keep your attention cause our connection was like a bonfire that lit up the sky.
Even though we never even met our hearts have always been connected as one since the very beginning.
Therefore I know in my heart that all my dreams have come true the moment I found you.
When we became an “US”.. instead of a “me and you” I knew I wouldn’t have to walk my path in life alone.
That is why from this day forward I will do my best to love you, to respect you, to honor you and cherish you with all of my being.
I dont know where you came from and I sometimes question what I did to deserve you but I want to thank you for coming into my life.

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~ RSOA ™  Thursday May 12, 2016

In Between Black & Grey

While she stood between the sunlight and the moonlight her hair sparkled with different colors of the rainbow..
With her feet between the ocean and the beach her feet got wet and the sand in her felt like cotton candy..
As she looked down she reached for a seashell she took it in her hands to admire its beauty..
When she placed the seashell against her ear she could hear the music being sung that reminded her of her one true love..
How this love ever was she will never understand but she knows she can not turn it away..for it is her only wish.. her only dream.. her only fantasy.. her one true love..
Just then as the sky turned to dark she looked up across the deep blue sea and there hanging in the far deep ble sky was the north star shining so brightly as it threw colors of the rainbow glistening off the water..
As the sea shell dropped to the sand by her feet she knew then that right where she was was right where she was always meant to between black & grey with a touch of rainbow and the water at her feet..

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~ RSOA ™  Tuesday September 27, 2016

Legends Of The Fall

Like a tidle wave you came crashing through the middle of my life and before I could blink the wave hit the rocks, my heart skipped a beat and there you were..
I wondered how I could feel such emotion barely knowing who you were nonetheless there you were..
As all my yesterdays are behind me now I looked in front of me and there you were..
My heart filled with so much joy that I could hardly breath but I looked to my future and there you were..
As unsaid words are a forever memory in my mind you took my hand and held it tight to lead the way.. I look to the side of me and there you were..
When I close my eyes at night there you are and wake up in the morning there you are..
You captured my heart and now my heart belongs to you for as long as you will hold it within yours..

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~ RSOA ™  Saturday May 28, 2016


As the last drop of freshly brewed coffee hit the bottom of the coffee pot
As the bacon sizzled in the frying pan sending sparks of grease on the counter..
As the two pieces of toast popped up from the toaster burnt & crisp..
As the TV aired GMA of the top stories around the world..and the common political jokes..
As the dog scuffled around with his toy trying to eat it instead of the old uneaten dog food from the day before in his bowl..
As I finished my breakfast and my last sip of coffee I grabbed the dog leash and out the door I went..
As I was walking down the street almost to the dog park I suddenly stood still as I thought to myself ..”What am I missing here?”..
then it hit me..
“I forgot the dog!”
As I approached the park there was a bench under a big giant tree with no one sitting on it.. so I sat down I leaned forward with my hands on my head my elbows on my knees shaking my head grunting, “Why me? Why me?”
Suddenly I noticed there was a newspaper neatly folded on the ground under the bench by my foot..I reached for it and as I unfolded it..there on the front page it read in big black letters it read..
As I put the newspaper down there in front of me sat the cutest four legged dog I had ever seen in my life.. It was my Shadow!!

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~ RSOA ™  Tuesday September 13, 2016

Moral of the story
“Dogs are definitely smarter then humans lol!!!”
Ok the more serious moral of the…
Life doesn’t always go the way we plan it to go but if we let our minds get so caught up in everything that goes wrong in our lives.. we miss out on some of life’s most important moments of the day and it not only affects us but it affects others around us.

Out Of The Blue

When I see your smile it’s like the waves of the ocean crashing against the rocks of the shoreline the way my heart goes completely insane with unexplainable emotions.
When I listen to you speak words of encouragement it’s like sweet soft music to my ears that helps me to believe that I am capable of anything if I put my mind to it.
And even though I do not know are the one constant in my life that helps me to never give up trying my best to be the best that I can be.
You are the miracle I never expected but I am grateful to have the opertunity to get to know you more and more every day.
But more importantly,
You are the light that shines in my mind that good things come to those who are patient enough to wait.

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~ RSOA ™  March 29, 2016

The Meaning Of Real Love

Real love goes beyond any amount of explanation of words given by one human being to another human being..
Real love goes beyond any amount of actions given by one human being to another human being..
Real love goes deeper than any stream..
Real love goes deeper than any river..
Real love goes deeper than any beach..
Real love goes deeper than any lake..
Real love goes deeper than any sea..
Real love goes deeper than any ocean..
Real love goes higher than any hill..
Real love goes higher than any mountain..
Real love isn’t measured by distance..
Real love isn’t measured by depth..
Real love isn’t measured by height..
REAL LOVE..lives in our hearts
Real love can not be seen..
Real love can not be heard..
Real love can only felt by the heart..

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~ RSOA ™  Saturday March 11, 2017

The Fire Within Me

I am grateful that I didn’t shut my eyes when I saw you standing in my view..
I am grateful that I didn’t run in the opposite direction when you came closer..
I am grateful that I didn’t let fear stop me from believing that you were even possible..
I am grateful that I didn’t allow myself or others to rob me of the chance to get to know you..
I am grateful that you never gave up believing in me that I deserved someone like you in my life..

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault

~AngelWolf~ RSOA ™

The Wolf Cry

As the wolf cries the tall trees fill up the land in front of me all I see are clouded images of you peeking through the thick leafy branches..
At times when I can not see you my wolf I call out to you “Where are you my wolf? I can not find you.. for it is you that I am looking for!”
As the wolf cries the earth creates it’s natural disasters as the wind blows the trees back and forth I encounter many obstacles in order to find you..
At times when I can not see you my wolf I hear your words…”It is not I who has found you that has found me with your will to never give up searching for me..for I have always been right here where I have always been!”
As it is then that I realize that you my wolf are my compass.. my one true north through the path of the forest..

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~ RSOA ™  Monday May 23, 2016

Your Deep Blue Eyes

Your deep blue eyes are as beautiful as the ocean that surrounds the whole entire earth all the way from the east, to the west, to the north and to the south..
Your deep blue eyes are the balance between strong like an ox and weepy as a running faucet.. But a weak soul you are not..
Your deep blue eyes tell a story of life time of travels behind you that you have taken to a mystery of roads in front of you not yet explored..
Your deep blue eyes are what sparkles brighter then the sun, rounder then a full moon and shines more than any star in the sky..
Your deep blue eyes are the beholder of all your thoughts, your dreams, your ideas, that need to be expressed..
Your deep blue eyes are right where I want to be laying within for the rest of my life both in good times and bad times..
Your deep blue eyes, your heart, your soul are my everything inside and outside..
And all you give to me I give to you for all of my days..and the times we are parted I will carry you with me in my heart until our eyes meet again..

© Dorothy-Denise Migneault
~AngelWolf~ RSOA ™  Friday June 3, 2016