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Road Scribes Of America ™


Eddie ‘Sorez’ Pliska

AKA Sorez the Scribe







Man Of The Cloth

He lived his life
With a deep seated need
To follow the Truth
Of what he believed
Followed the ways
Of his Fathers past
To find out himself
If he had what it takes
To give it his all
All that he had
To follow the dream
He had since a lad
He knew that he might be
For his beliefs
Of his heart and his mind
He was aware
That the fork in road
Had two horizons
One above
One down below
After a long hard journey
On the low down road
From darkness emerged
A man standing tall
He captured the diamond
He was reaching for
With the Patch on his back
He was a Man Of The Cloth

© Eddie Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™





Second Chance
© Sorez The Scribe RSOA™

If I had the chance to live life over again
Still I would choose life in the wind
I would change some things that I have done
But being a biker is not one
The wind has healed my broken heart
Gave me a reason to travel on
Instilled a passion plain to see
Made me appreciate being me
The roads I have traveled graveled and paved
Thousands of miles through sunshine and rain
Lessons learned through blood sweat and tears
Have made me wiser over the years
So given the chance to live life over again
Still I would choose life in the wind






Hardcore To Boot
© Sorez The Scribe

Kind to animals
Old ladies and such
Handicapped kids
Captured his heart
A weaver of stories
Teller of tales
A humble man
With Poetic flair
Likes to fly kites
Walks in the woods
Took the kids fishing
Whenever he could
A friend to the end
If you can get that close
Just always remember
He’s hardcore to boot





A Way Of Life
© Sorez The Scribe

I chose this way of life
A long long time ago
And once I even tried
To walk away from it all
But after many years
And after many miles
After all the roadrash
And the toothless smiles
I chose this way of life
The life of a scooter tramp
I chose to ride amongst Brothers
The two wheel pilots
Of this land
I look at myself
In my mirror every day
And I dig on seeing
Places that I’ve been
Also dig the looks
That are so plain to see
That all those caged up citizens
Dare to give to me




© Sorez The Scribe

It’s time to go
Down the road
To where I don’t know
The time has come
For me to be free
To go down the road
The way it should be
Finally time to
Ride those highways
To find myself
And Live my life
It’s time to get away
Time to ride
So let go of me now
It’s getaway time





Restless Spirit

© Sorez

Memories etched upon his skin
Tattoos and scars blend together
Into wrinkles that will not fade with age
His ride overhauled at a hundred thousand
Heart repaired in the midst of sixties
He chose to live his life in the wind
Old school Brits built on a budget
Back in the day when it wasn’t cool to be a biker
Sporty’s and women came and went
His mistress wind remaining faithful throughout
Suffered through the downtime years
Passion to ride burning deep down inside
Restless spirit needing to roam
Highways and byways back country roads
Fate being chosen by destiny
Now solo in saddle forever free





What It’s About  © Eddie Sorez

It’s about going down the road at 80 miles an hour
The ol’ lady hanging on to ya for dear life
And loving every minute of it

It’s about reaching out to a Brother who is down
Not only being there when times are good
But when they are bad as well

It’s about twisting the throttle into tomorrow
Kicking the shifter up another gear
In the moment out there in the wind

It’s about the ride through life we take
Upon two wheels and open roads
Throttling down the highway of life

It’s about surviving

To be able to live
To ride
Another day





Living The Life

In the wind out on the road
Freedom found as the eagle soars
Twisting the wick leaning hard
Over the years
Throughout the miles
Leather is worn
Scuffed scraped and torn
Bikes seen some miles
Through sunshine and storms
Living the life
I was born to live
Onward and forward
Into the wind

© Sorez

Road Scribes Of America ™





Meant To Be

Sometimes I am amazed
That I even have a Bike to ride
Was not that long ago
Maybe ten years or so
That downtime ruled the day
Relegated to sidewalk commando
Boots worn thin on pavement
Watching others ride by
While I smiled and frowned
Both at the same time
Now in the wind once again
Every ride is like my first
Or could be last
Stopping for the sign
Boots touching ground
Looking both ways twice
For those cagers that cannot see
Not jumping the green
Watching them go by
Trying to beat the yellow
Packing an ‘Ol Lady
After years of riding solo
Appreciating every moment
I am able to turn the key
Twist the throttle and
Take off into the wind
Being who I am meant to be

© Sorez ~Road Scribes Of America ™





Another Day Another Year

 Seventeen degrees
 A bone chilling ride
 They don’t understand
 So they have to ask why
 I can state proudly
 That I’ve ridden all year
 As one comes to end
 And a new one begins
 Starter button frozen
 Clutch handle too
 Forget the turn signals
 Arm gestures will do
 I do have to say
 She started right up
 After using a bic lighter
 To unfreeze some parts
 Thirty degrees
 On the ride home from work
 Put in some miles
 And then made a stop
 Picked up deicer
 For tomorrows AM
 So now I’m prepared
 To do it again

© Eddie Sorez 12/11/13
 Road Scribes Of America ™





Past Days Fast Daze

Slinking onto the I95 entrance ramp
The highways’ wind like a sirens call
Beckoning motion closer come hither
Seductively running it’s fingers through my hair
Whispering in my ears
enticing me forward, faster faster faster now
Grabbing the clutch with ease
Another gear up twisting throttle moving forward
Shadow having a hard time by my side keeping up
The sun on my back biting my neck
Entrance ramp in the rear view
No need to look back it’s gone
Like past days fast daze only thing
That matters now is the road ahead
The car filled with kids pointing
Parents staring at 85 I pay them no mind
Once upon a time I was that kid in the back seat
Wish upon a star and one day you are
Slinking onto the I95 entrance ramp…..

© Sorez 
Road Scribes of America ™





Made Bones

I live a life that’s blessed
One I do not deserve
Never taking one moment
For granted
Through heartache and stress
I’ve endured
Causing confusion
Halfway insane
Staying one step
Ahead of the game
Leaving the past
Where it belongs
In the closet
With skeleton bones

© Eddie Sorez 
Road Scribes of America ™






Has the time in finality come
To say goodbye to those I love 
To leave behind my legacy
In words and rhymes
Through thoughts and deeds
Have I lived a righteous life
Once I sobered past the strife
Have I put others before myself
Felt their pain as if my own
Have I tried to heal a heart
That was broken beyond return
Could you say I was a soul
That against all odds
Did the best he could

© Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™

Scribed on this day of 3/16/17





With Love and Respect
To Chris Webb

Run free spirit 
Into the wind
Where nothing and no one
Can hold you back
Ride that motorcycle
That you wrote about
Pop a wheelie
Scream and shout
Do a backflip
Tuck and roll
Shake yer bootie
Surf the clouds
Smile upon us
Those who cry
Who miss you now
That you’re free to fly

© Eddie Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™






Two Wheels..

The miles I ride
In the snow and the ice
Can never make up
For all the downtime
The greybar hotel
The greyhound bus rides
The California desert
Where my ol’ lady died
The roads that I ride
Give me something more
Than lost roads back
And Eagles that soared
They give me back Pride
That once I had lost
And Respect for myself
No matter the cost
To Honor the Wind
For giving me
A reason to live
And the Freedom to be

..Open Roads

© Eddie Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™






It’s up to us to carry on
To tell our tale and leave our mark
No longer alone on a solo ride
Across the country far and wide
Joined by others to take on task
Proud dedication to the craft
Throttle in hand, ink filled pens
Pages turn our legacy read

© Sorez 
Road Scribes Of America™





Gots To Ride
by Sorez The Scribe

Twenty degrees and she started right up
So it’s time for me to go for a putt
Chase away those wintertime blues
Head out on the road with nothin’ to lose
One other rider out there on the road
Living in the moment the moment of now
A kindred spirit out on there his ride
On a clear winter day not a cloud in the sky
He must be crazy man just like me
‘Cause I gots to ride as long as I breathe

Road Scribes Of America ™






Yesterdays when I was young
I was allowed to hang around
Some of what I saw and done
I’ll take with me to the ground
I chose to go my separate way
Soon after I rode alone
There seemed to be a destiny
A proverbial fork in the road
I followed my heart, bared my soul
On two wheels and open roads
Pen and paper in my saddlebags
I scribed my way throughout
Decades later I found myself
With a patch upon my back
Did not know as things unfolded
I was a pawn in a game of chess
A few years wasted or lessons learned
Depends on yer point of view
Proud of who I have become
And the fact I made it through
The Pen, the Wind, the open Road
For which I had always longed
Have brought me into a Fellowship
With trusted Sisters and Bro’s

© Sorez 01/2013
Road Scribes Of America ™





Twist And Ride

Let us ride
Like the cops are right behind us
Lights and sirens on
On a highway where
There’s no turning back
And we might wind up going down
Ride it like we stole it
Even though it’s ours
Ride like there’s no tomorrow
‘Cause there just might not be one
Where every shadow is a screaming demon
And the wind it shrieks and howls
Where the past and present come together
At a hundred miles an hour
Let us pick up all the pieces
Of a broken life
Fit them all together
Let us twist and ride

© Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™





These Bones

Gone are the days
Days gone by
When I would ride throughout winter
In the snow and the ice
No thought to danger
No thought at all
As black ice formed
Upon the ground
The aches and pains of getting old
Years of riding hard tail solo
Weathered skin from elemental miles
Valleys low down and mountains on high
Have taken their toll
On these old bones
Now I’m not giving up
Just slowing down
Nineteen degrees won’t stop me
I’ve got nothing to prove
Not even to self
Been there done that
Year after year
But now forecast snow
And I’ll sit this one out
These Old Bones
They snap crackle pop
On a cold winter morning
When I get up
If the Bike starts
When it’s twenty degrees
I bundle up
And take on the breeze

But no more blizzards for me…..

© Sorez
Road Scribes of America ™





In The Wind

A lifetime ago 
And miles away
From where I am now
Now on this day
Blood mixed with oil
Droplets to ground
From a busted knuckle
On a bolt frozen solid
A slip of the wrench
A lesson learned
A motor rebuilt
A few scars earned
It was the beginning
Of a lifelong desire
To be in the wind
A dream since a child

Key in
Ignition on
Start ‘er up
Twist the throttle
Kickstand up
Boot the shifter
First gear dropped
Into the wind….

© Sorez
Road Scribes of America ™





Road To Redemption

They say that I’m crazy
Must be insane
Out there riding
In thirty degree rain
Started out this mornin’
With frost on my sled
As long as she starts
I don’t mind it a bit
Wind chill was 20
Frost on my beard
Layers of leather
Twisting the wick
Was down for so long
Every mile counts
My road to redemption
I’m riding no doubt

© Sorez
Road Scribes of America ™ 2012

Excerpt from ‘Living The Life’





Under The Helmet

Just me on my ride 
Traveling miles
No thoughts and no cares
Just the wind in my ears
Staccotto pipes rumble
Beneath my seat
The warmth of the motor
My legs they can feel
My soul is cleansed
My spirit soars
My mind is cleared
Out there on the road

© Eddie Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™





Now You Are Gone

I saw the ambulance
In front of your house
I knew didn’t have to be told
Saw them take your body out
A clean white sheet
Covering you
I knew it couldn’t
Be anyone else
You lived in that
House all alone
It happened such
A long time ago
Sister where have you gone
I still remember your smile
You dirty blonde hair
You’re still alive
In my memories
I know you are gone
Yet I do not know why
Babe you never told me
So I had no idea
That things were so bad
Oh babe why did you leave
When all of us know
That the cards are marked
And the dealer is a thief
When all we can do
Is the best that we can
Sister why did you leave?

© Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™





Highways Express Lane

It’s where the rubber meets the highway
And the bullshit’s left behind
Where the twisting of the throttle
Sends shivers down your spine
When you find those special moments
Out there in the wind
Knowing that the price you paid
You would gladly pay again
Where Bike and Rider become one
Out there on the road
Man and machine finely tuned
As throttle thunder roars
A place where despair can be tossed aside
Like an old and rusted part
Replaced with hope like a brand new chain
And a timed ignition spark
Lean into expressways curve
A gear up on the straight
Front wheel lifts up off the ground
For a moment and it feels Great!

© Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™




A Memory.. Forgotten…

When miles past
Have worn me down
And the time has come
To sit this run out
Will I have left
Something behind
Something worthwhile
Through the miles of Rhymes
Or will my words
Just fade in the wind
Will the ink run dry
From my weathered pen
These thoughts I ponder
As each day passes
With every mile I ride
And each tank full of gas
Will it even matter
That I was here at all
That I paid my dues
Out there on the road
That there were many
Who called me Brother
That I earned respect
From many others
Will I be remembered
For the things I have done
Or will I just be
A memory forgotten

© Sorez 
Road Scribes Of America ™





Lying on this hospital bed
Unable to move much less walk
I wonder why no one has called
Today or yesterday
The day before this sweetie phoned
Said she’d come by but hasn’t shown
And I got nothing to do but wait around
Lying on this hospital bed
Are the good times over
Has the party ended
Or am I just not a part of it anymore
Sure my family comes by
But where’s all my Bro’s
Ain’t no scooter people on this floor
So I spend my days talking to myself
And trying to sweet talk the nurses
Flipping through pages of scooter rags
Trying to come up with some verses
I know I’ve been here
For a very long time
More than just a few months
The doctors say I won’t walk again
But that doesn’t mean I won’t ride
So as soon as I get out
Of this hospital bed
Just put me in my garage
Just leave me by myself
And my wrecked ’45
And soon I’ll be in the wind





The pain is so very real
I go to sleep and dream
That I am awake
And in pain
But I guess it’s better
Better than being numb
And not feeling anything at all
Yet awake or asleep
The pain is so very real
And I cannot shake it
I cannot escape
They told me to just lie back
And not to fight it at all
They told me
There is nothing that can be done
But I know no doubt
That if you want something done
Ya gotta do it yourself
So I wake up every morning
I wake up in sweat and pain
And I go to that therapy room
In that fuckin’ wheelchair again
Hoping to someday
Walk out of this place
Hoping someday
To ride away

© Sorez RSOA ™
Circa 1980





Miles Passed

Saddle bags packed
With all that I own
Rode many Miles
On lonesome roads
Bedroll strapped
To my handlebars
Spent many nights
Sleeping under the stars
Riding away
From a troubled past
Future unknown
Taking a chance
That the miles ahead
Will be better
Than the miles behind

© Eddie Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™






He took shit
From no one
Stood tall with pride
Amongst the Brothers
Of the Patch
Respected and feared
By citizens
Revered and admired
By those who knew him well
An outcast to society
Yet inwardly
A man of deep conviction
A truer friend one could not have
A righteous Brother
Up until the end
Of his life
Jimmy Two Boots rode hard
He rode fast and yet
Was always in harmony
With the wind
Sixty plus years of riding
And never once did he go down
The road was good to him
As the miles rode on
Tried to retire his Patch
More than a few years ago
The Club would not have it
And voted him a lifetime member
Tells ya what kind of character
Jimmy Two Boots possessed
He took many a prospect
Under his wing over the years
Many who are now long time
Members of our family
Ride safe our Brother
Ride free our friend
On that highway
Towards Biker Heaven

© Sorez The Scribe RSOA™





Times Past

Many miles behind me
And many more to go
Two wheels are a turning
Out there on the road
The years go by so quickly
Yet memories remain
People, places, times gone by
Things that got away
One thing I will remember
As the time goes on
The highways always changing
Out there on the road
Every day is different
That you cannot deny
And people come and go
Just like times gone by
Though people are like seasons
They change and come and go
Seasons are always changing
Out there on the road
One thing will not change
As the years go by
I can still be found
Out there on the road
Out there upon my ride

© Eddie Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™





Lost Souls MC

We met each other
A lifetime ago
And grew to respect
Each other as Bro’s
The Patch on your back
The man you’ve become
Your family tree
Strong branches have grown
Respect you have earned
Through blood sweat and tears
Thousands of miles
Shifting through gears
One day you saw
This Brother was down
And handed him keys
To the ride that you owned
That selfless gesture
And kindness you showed
Will be remembered forever
In the soul of this Bro…

Two Wheels and Open Roads
My Brother and Friend
© Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™





Intrepid Traveler
Dedicated to Pete Fillippone 
AkA Pedro

Wanderlust runs thick through his veins 
Like fifty weight oil, the life’s blood of his ride
Brotherhood tried and true
Forged like a steel blade in fuel flamed fire
Tempered with blood sweat and tears
His need to be in the wind
As natural as his need to breathe
The wind his mistress his companion and friend
Never bitches moans or complains
Howls like a wolf when she hears his throttle thunder roar
As his ride comes to life once again
He is out the door on the road in the wind
Where he belongs
Thousands of miles he’s traveled
Not all were smoothly paved
Many a pothole, graveled roads
And roadblocks in his way
Yet still he seeks the winds relief
Like the calm before the storm
He rides with friends at times solo
With his ol’ lady or his Bro’s
Known the Bro for forty years
Not much has changed at all
He’s still the Righteous Brother Of The Wind
That he has been all along

© Eddie ‘Sorez’ Pliska
Road Scribes Of America ™





Miles And Rhymes

Time to live
It’s time to ride
Storms have passed
The sun is shining
One mile at a time
That’s how I ride
On the road again
Through miles and rhymes

© Eddie Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™




Thankful For

Brothers and Sisters by my side
As I travel through life
On this arduous ride
Wind weathered skin
From years on the road
Never a cage
Have I ever owned
Two boots and pavement
When I was a lad
A twinkle in my eye
And a wrench in my hand
Always a bike
Being built in between
The miles of downtime
The sorrows I’ve seen
The horizon a vision
A fresh paved road
Hopes and dreams
They would unfold
A greybeard now
The past is behind
So thankful for
The miles I ride

© Eddie Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™




Barbed Wire Fences

The old man remembers
How it used to be
Where he came from
Who was whom
Way back when
And yet sometimes
The old man forgets
Where he is now
Who he was and
Sometimes even
Forgets to eat
Yet he does perk up at
Sounding throttles thunder
But then sorrows
Takes over sometimes
The old man remembers
Things he tried to forget
Like his hardcore past
Times he wishes
It coulda been different
His summed up years
Of barbed wire fences
Summed up sorrows
Of an old mans past

© Eddie Sorez

Road Scribes Of America ™





Life Is For Living

Winds of change

Upon the horizon
Better days and
Brighter tomorrows
Sun is shining
The road is clear
Ride hard ride proud
Have no fear
Hope is the fuel
That throttles my soul
No broken mirrors
No fortunes told
Now is the moment
That matters the most
Life is for living
Out there on the road

© Eddie Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™






I must leave now
I must be on my way
The solo seat is bolted on
And I can no longer stay
I know that we discussed
Where I was coming from
But very little did we talk
About where I am going to
When I told you I was leaving
It took you by surprise
You didn’t have any idea
That I wasn’t satisfied
Sure babe I smiled
As we played our little games
But those games now played out
They seem to be routine
That does not mean now
That I don’t love you
‘Cause baby you know I do
But the wind is softly
Calling my nameSaying,
“Sorez where are you..”

© Eddie Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™





As Two Wheels Turn

Rolling scenery passes before my eyes
Echoing sound of thunder
Takes mountains by surprise
Kick into fifth
And the sun is shining
Wind whispers seductively
Into my ears
One with the road
One with myself
Once again
Through valleys of shadows
Into the heat of day
Riding the white line
Passing families of cagers
As my two wheels turn

© Eddie Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™





Road Blocked

Second class citizens
Rights revoked
Stopped and searched
Out there on the road
Checkpoints set up
At major events
Trying to discourage
Those who’d attend
Profiling Bikers
Patched or not
Americans rights
Are being set up
To be taken away
By the powers that be
In this home of the Brave
And once land of the Free

© Eddie Sorez

Road Scribes Of America ™





Throttle On

Gotta throttle past regrets
Stand tall proud respect
Prove the Gypsies wrong
Broken mirrors eight years gone
Under ladders black cats shadow
Time of day given none
Gotta pass regrets roadblock
Proven ground no turning back
Forward twisting throttle on

© Eddie ‘Sorez’ Pliska
Road Scribes Of America ™





Winters Ride

Straight pipes blasting
As cold winds howl
Black ice forming
Upon the ground
Old man winters’
Grip does tighten
Frost bites hard
As daylight darkens
Morning breath thick
Like smoke in the air
Choke pulled out
With double gloved hand
Turn the key
Twist the throttle
In the wind
Today and ‘morrow

© Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™





Worthy Task

Cobwebs only mean
It’s time to clean
Open windows
Air out rooms
Allow the light
To pierce the darkness
While shadows box
Amongst themselves
Defeating their own
Purposed rounds
Amusing the Muse
A worthy task
To be accomplished

© Eddie Sorez
Road Scribes Of America ™





The Simple Life
© Sorez The Scribe

A decent job to pay the bills
A ride to call my own
A righteous ol’ lady waiting for me
Whenever I get home
An open road with cagers few
On a brisk cold sunny day
An open door with welcoming arms
And a warm embrace
A moonlit highway
A fresh paved road
Another gear up on the throttle
The simple life is the one I live
As long as there’s roads to be traveled





Go For It
© Eddie Sorez

Gotta pay your dues in this life
There’s no easy way to go
Have to take your share of roadrash
Out there on the road
The only way to get anywhere
In this messed up life
Is to get your Bike in gear
And leave the past behind





Road Scribes

Yesterdays when I was young
I was allowed to hang around
Some of what I saw and done
I’ll take with me to the ground
I chose to go my separate way
Soon after I rode alone
There seemed to be a destiny
A proverbial fork in the road
I followed my heart, bared my soul
On two wheels and open roads
Pen and paper in my saddlebags
I scribed my way throughout
Decades later I found myself
With a patch upon my back
Did not know as things unfolded
I was a pawn in a game of chess
A few years wasted or lessons learned
Depends on yer point of view
Proud of who I have become
And the fact I made it through
The Pen, the Wind, the open Road
For which I had always longed
Have brought me into a Fellowship
With trusted Sisters and Bro’s

© Sorez The Scribe 1/22/2013
Road Scribes of America ™ 2012





Toy Run
© Sorez The Scribe

This is what it’s all about
Good times good people
Without a doubt
The kids didn’t care
That we look kinda strange
They smiled and waved
As we rolled on in
Man what a feeling
It never gets old
The kids or us
Who’s smiling more?





These Moments

All stressed out
From a hard days work
Just to pay the bills
Trying to get some
Fuel in the tank
And keepin’ my belly filled
Yet the end of day
It is all worthwhile
‘Cause I am able
To taste the wind
Tossing all cares and
Worries away
These moments I’m in

© Sorez The Scribe 
Road Scribes of America ™ 2012